Just imagine that you walk through your bedroom door at the crack of dawn, 6am and the shower starts without you touching anything to the temperature you prefer. While this is going on your thermostat also kicks into gear to the temperature you value most, and it starts playing the perfect jam for the day while prepping your breakfast and giving you motivational quotes to start you day in a massage chair. All of this and more is on the horizon, and we can expect that things are going to blow some minds and budgets in the future when we strive into the brave new world of design and dynamic integrative experiential system analytics.

When it comes to 3d printing we aren’t going to able to remember a time before we weren’t 3D printing. What I mean by that is the fact that there is going to a lot of things that are fundamentally changed and we are going to make this the new normal for the most part and  it will become a way of daily live and the way we move through and interact with the world.

“You’ll have a say in what materials you will use, what your materials will look like and how they are made. Mass manufacturing is made to eliminate as much variety as we can. With 3D printing we are allowing things to be more personal. The joy from our products will be a lot higher.”

This speaks to future of individuality and how we are going to the spaces we use. The other thing that is going to happen is that it will be a lot easier to use the software what is going to  make it more accessible to for the lay man to pick up their mouse and design the room of their dreams and then hitting print and boom, you have it. This is going to be the way. 

Another fundamental change to the living experience is going to be the dynamic interpretation we see with VR and AR on our daily lives. At first we can imagine that this is going to be the case that we are going to be allowed to get people to use it just in the home, but eventually it will be a fundamental aspect of our lives and we are going to become the platonic character who exist in the cave of Plato’s apology. for better or worse we should gear up for considering what the implications of this are going to be and what we can expect the affect will be on our psyche and the development of the next generations and the individuals who are going to be adversely affected by this. Just yesterday the 880 freeway in California was shut down by a mob of people. People not fighting for the freedom and equality in opposition to systematic racism. Rather it was because there was a rare Mew Two sporting on the freeway. This stuff is already having a profound affect and we should be careful going forward.

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